Blake: Songs of Innocence and of Experience

These sound-sketches are rough, half-baked, time-battered and in many ways not really fit for the fatigued public Ear. Why I present them anyhow is something of a mystery. It is quite possible that it has to do with feelings of continuity, pride - and love.

In 1984, as in many bleak years of cold war before, it was obvious that the world was standing still on the brink of destruction. Punk was on the high rise - and few were not influenced. We learned that music did not necessarily have to sound like a million bucks to be authentic and give credibility. Just do it! We did. And it is nice to consider how much my pronunciation and guitar playing have improved since then.

It was also a time where young Danes were given a good amount of freedom in their studies. Partly because there was no work for us. One could go on loving, playing, studying for years on end, and really dig deep into interesting stuff.

Some books did change my mind. The "Songs" by William Blake is one. Here we find vivid archetypical scenes, illustrating the beauty of (human) nature and the cost of civilization, presented with poetic power and gaiety.

In long evenings my restlessness was channelled into music and grandiose plans. Here are some of the worldly manifestations of these dreams.


In memory of Kaj Krätzel Hansen (1950 - 2000)


Willliam Blake


(Defunkt pr. 17-07-18)

Nine songs from

1: Introduction (The inspirited narrator)
2: London (The scene)
3: The Angel (Sexuality enchained)
4: The Chimney Sweeper #1 (Sorry. It would have been intelligent to use a producer)
5: The Echoing Green (Material paradise. My favourite.)
6: The Chimney Sweeper #2 (Child labour)
7: A Poison Tree (Revenge is sour)
8: Laughing Song (A garden-party with a touch of Monty Python)
9: The Little Vagabond (God gives free drinks... How about a real mean blues-lead?)

192 kbit mp3

Performed by

Erik Sørensen (Guitar, vocal, choir)
Kaj Hansen (Bass, choir)
Keld Nielsen (Drums, vocal, choir)

Recorded November 1984 by M.N. Studio Næstved
Remastered 2005 by AMC Studio Ringsted

All material © 2005 Erik Kruse Sørensen