As I went o’er the Bridge of Light
My guardian angel sang for me:
“Five windows light the earthly Man
His spirit’s eye God will see”

He gave me the end of a golden string

I wound it into a ball
It’ll lead me in at Heaven’s gate
Build in Jerusalem’s wall

I learned the trade of a scribe

And travelled far and wide
I saw people begging their bread
And noble men swollen with pride

I kept my course in the Valley of Death 
Among the Mills of Destruction
Lofty palaces dripping with blood
But roses bloom, where thorns are sown

I propose a toast of sparkling dreams
To this world that's all alive     
In springtime learn, in harvest teach
Enjoy your wintertime 


Words & concepts: William Blake.
Compilation: Erik Kruse Sørensen.
Melody: Geordie/ Langebro

A “Blakean” parallel to the bluesy ballad: ”Langebro” (Gasolin 1971).
Hefty version by Spids Nøgenhat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R65dAKMOtvk