Stjernedigt Heinrich Heine 2

Heinrch Heine: Atta Troll. (1843) v/ Herman Scheffauer

Cirkusbjørnen Atta Troll har et hårdt liv. Ind imellem tænker han over hvordan det mon går til efter døden. Vil også han engang blive fri og frelst og få lov at danse til ære for den store bjørnegud, oppe i himlens stjernetelt?


Canto VIII


High upon his golden throne
In yon splendid tent of stars,
Clad in cosmic majesty,
Sits a titan polar bear.

Spotless, gleaming white as snow
Is his fur; his head is decked
With a crown of diamonds
Blazing through the central vault.

In his face bide harmony
And the silent deeds of thought,
And obedient to his sceptre
All the planets chime and sing.

At his feet sit holy bears,
Saints who suffered on the Earth,
Meekly. In their paws they hold
Splendid palms of martyrdom.

Ever and anon they leap
To their feet as though aroused
By the Holy Ghost, and lo!
In a festal dance they join!

Tis a dance where saintly gifts
Cover up defects of style,—
Dance in which the very soul
Seeks to leap from out its skin!

I, unworthy Troll, shall I
Ever such salvation share?
Shall I ever from this drear
Vale of tears ascend to joy?

Shall I, drunk with Heaven's draught,
In that tent of stars above,
Dance before the Master's throne
With a halo and a palm?"